PROGGEX Case Studies

Online Education

The Problem
The nation’s largest exclusive provider of online degree and certificate programs from leading universities was experiencing inconsistencies in several areas of project selection, definition and completion. Specifically, it needed assistance with creating a standardized approach and methodology to successfully complete projects on time and within budget.

Internal staff members were doing their best, but lacked any consistent processes or methodology to follow. Few were kept abreast of project status, which negatively impacted employee retention. Specifically, the company had high turnover with the business analyst position. As a result, the requirements gathering needed for successful project completion was inconsistent. The company was forced to take a reactive approach, giving attention to the most critical project failing of the moment. Essentially, it spent most of its time putting out fires instead of preventing them.

The Solution

PROGGEX provided solutions at both the project and Project Management Office (PMO) levels. Both levels required the implementation of a standardized Project Management methodology, which involved developing project plans, identifying resource requirements, assigning tasks and establishing timeframes.

At the project level, a communications protocol across projects and departments was put in place. This allowed department heads to be more proactive in managing expectations about completion timelines and adding more resources if needed. At the PMO level, standards were developed and a structure was implemented to better manage project initiation requests and project prioritization, including resource mapping and allocation, project ownership and task assignment. At both levels the key was to establish a simplified, standardized and focused approach that produced repeatable and predictable successful project completion.