PROGGEX Case Studies


The Problem
A manufacturer of windows and storm-related products of the commercial and residential building industries had recently gone public and needed to become compliant with the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX). The company’s internal auditor, who had worked with PROGGEX previously, recommended the company contact us for an initial assessment of how to bring its processes in line with Sarbanes Oxley.

The internal staff knew little about SOX, and even less about the framework requirements for process implementation. The company also had to comply by the end of 2007. By the time PROGGEX was hired in April 2007, the company was already significantly behind schedule.

The Solution

PROGGEX was able to identify and implement a standard of proven processes that brought the company into compliance with Sarbanes Oxley. PROGGEX identified deficient and missing IT process components relating to SOX, and established a structure of ownership and accountability, which included timely program status reports, and process and problem escalation requirements.

The structure was rolled out to the various process owners in a phased approach. Internal auditors tested these processes and found them on target and acceptable with SOX compliance standards.

What resulted was the optimization and proper utilization of internal IT resources, allowing the company to identify areas of deficiency. By eliminating these deficiencies, the company has been able to increase productivity and create a structure that allowed for a more focused approach to meeting the requirements of SOX.