PROGGEX Case Studies

Call Center

The Problem
A global provider of customer contact management had assembled a team of Project Managers to oversee setting up services for new clients. The scope included end-client implementation of IT infrastructure processes for outsourced call center technical support.

The team consisted of five project managers, each managing one to two projects. Most of the projects were in yellow (caution) or red (critical) status and were heading toward not meeting their deliverable deadlines. After assessment, we determined that the main problem was that the Project Managers were not following a Project Management methodology. Roles were not well defined and all team members lacked consistency.

Furthermore, processes were not standardized, resulting in the fact that each project manager was following his or her own method on how to best complete the assigned project(s).  These factors caused delays in client set-ups and it impacted the transition to a call center outsourced model, leading to customer dissatisfaction, billing delays and loss of revenue.


The Solution

The PROGGEX solution was to establish standard operating procedures for the Project Management Office and then implement them.

This resulted in clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the Project Managers within the PMO. In addition, standardized processes, including reporting and communication protocols, were set up, as were tool sets, templates for reporting, and portals to view project dashboard content such as project status, end date, and risk mitigation. All of these were modeled after PMI standards and implemented across the PMO.

The standardization of methodology across projects within the PMO was critical in the successful roll out of IT processes in new client implementations. The changes PROGGEX implemented resulted in faster project completion, greater efficiency in use of human resources and increased client satisfaction.  In addition, these changes also increased profitability, thanks to cost reductions and quicker time to bill.