Project Portfolio Management

The ongoing success of your company relies on how well daily operations on the ground stay in step with long-term, high-level strategic goals. You can’t afford to waste limited time and resources on projects that don’t align with these objectives.

Our Project Portfolio Management experts analyze all of your organization’s projects from an objective, big-picture perspective.  We bring a bottom-line focus to help you know which projects to pursue, which to cut and which to shelve for later.

We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment of current and future projects to evaluate:

  • Collective and individual value
  • Potential benefits and risks
  • Prioritization
  • Overlap
  • Resource allocation
  • Budget

Consider these three most common time value formulas:

  • Future Value=Present Value (1+i)n – We’ll help you decide if your project(s) will be less than the future amount of money. If it is, then it is not a good investment for your organization.
  • Present Value=Future Value/(1+i)n -Using this formula, PROGGEX can determine what the assumed future value of your project is worth today. Is it worth the value to proceed ahead with the project?
  • Net Present Value – What are the benefits of your project? We can help you measure the techniques used for projects that will have benefits and value each year the project is in existence.  Net Present Value finds the Present Value for each year of the project and considers the cash outlay needed to complete the project and predicts the actual worth of the project.

We’ll help you develop a framework for prioritizing, initiating, tracking and managing your entire project portfolio that makes the most efficient and productive use of resources, and serves your company’s primary business objectives.