Project Management Offices

Project Management Offices have become increasingly commonplace as rapidly growing organizations realize the need for a centralized department to make sure all projects are managed efficiently and effectively from concept to completion.

PMOs are particularly important to businesses that have a continuous flow of multiple, overlapping projects sharing operations, technology and human resources. PROGGEX helps companies establish new Project Management Offices or transform underperforming PMOs into highly functional, revenue-generating assets to the organization.

Consider these PMO solutions:

  • Reduce failed projects
  • Increase cost savings
  • Improve productivity
  • Deliver projects under budget
  • Deliver projects ahead of schedule

Project Management Offices provide the structure needed to standardize project management practices and methodologies to ensure consistent, repeatable results within a department or across the entire organization.

PMOs ensure that industry best practices are followed in all project execution. A successful PMO also facilitates Project Portfolio Management to ensure resources go to projects that provide the greatest return on investment and align with overall business strategies.