Project Management

Are you struggling with projects that can’t get off the ground or never seem to end? Do you have new projects on the horizon, but your team lacks the in-house experience or skills to get them done?

Whether a single project or several enterprise-wide initiatives, PROGGEX has the Project Management expertise and experience to get your projects in gear and keep them running smoothly—on track, on time and within budget—toward successful completion. Our experienced professionals are certified by the Project Management Institute*—trained in the same industry-standard methodology used for everything from putting the space shuttle in space to relocating data centers to developing software products. PROGGEX delivers a long track record of Project Management success covers a wide range of industries—information technology, financial, healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical, legal, insurance, transportation, construction, nonprofit, education, call center and more. Our experts can work onsite, seamlessly integrating with your in-house team, or manage all aspects of your project remotely, whether your workforce is spread across the country or around the globe. Our PMI-certified Project Management professionals follow a proven, systematic series of processes and procedures to ensure efficient, timely and successful project completion.

  • Simplify – Boil a project down to a set of manageable tasks, establishing clearly defined roles and responsibilities, so everyone knows what to do and when to do it. We also set up communication protocols that keep the entire team and management up-to-date on project status.
  • Standardize – Put in place uniform processes that produce consistent, repeatable and measurable results.
  • Stay focused -Because we are both independent and objective, we are able to stay devoted to the unique needs of your project and overall company vision.  Because we bypass vendor bias and in -house politics, we help ensure an objective view on the fastest path to your success.