Enterprise Assessment

Many situations require an unbiased outsider to accurately identify a project’s strengths and weaknesses.

As part of our Enterprise Assessment service offering, PROGGEX Project Management experts provide that third-party perspective to objectively evaluate the status and potential risk of your company initiatives. The steps of our risk assessment process include:

1. Thoroughly understand your project and its objectives. PROGGEX will obtain thorough knowledge of your project’s business pressures, management, objectives, strategies and processes in order to assess the risk of misstatement and set the scope.

2. Identify the risks of scope misstatement. Threats to project success can arise or change due to new or restructured information systems, corporate restructuring and acquisitions, and rapid growth, to name a few.

3. Evaluate management’s response to risks. Response (or lack thereof) impacts the assessed level of overall project risk.

4. Mitigate the risks of project scope misstatement. PROGGEX will recommend project structure changes and realign the project based on this proper framing.

5. Evaluate results and issue project report. At this point, you may want to continue to use your own project management resources or engage PROGGEX to manage the entire project from start to finish.