At PROGGEX, our objective is to be the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) contractor of choice by helping your company define and execute projects successfully or get troubled projects back on track. Consider the following services we provide for your success:

PROGGEX’s Other Services

Why Choose Us

      • Tenured experience to see, solve and resolve the deadline AND the bottom line.
      • Expertise in business process automation through successful communication strategies.
      • Delivering business process improvement through operational automation.
      • Executive level assessment of staff skills, resources and optimization.
      • Solving, optimizing and delivering is what we do, with an executive focus on your bottom line.

What Client’s Say

“A big client means a big deadline and when sales teams oversell capabilities, it means that we make rapid adjustments to deliver on our word. Things happen but how you solve it is the path forward. Proggex came in, analyzed the needs, filled in the blanks, streamlined the entire operation and set us on course for an on-time, under-budget delivery with improved processes along the way. We could never have expected the results we have experienced. Thank you to the whole Proggex team for this fantastic service.”
James Griffin
“I was most impressed with the take-charge attitude and organizational skills of the PROGGEX Project Managers. My team was immediately comfortable with them leading the projects and felt confident that the goals would be met. PROGGEX felt like a member of my team, not an outside consultant. Their attitude and approach allowed them to work effectively with different and varying personalities on the internal team.”
Client Director, Fortune 100 telecommunications company

PROGGEX Case Studies

PROGGEX has a long track record of success covering a wide range of industries, including; information technology, financial, healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical, legal, insurance, transportation, construction, nonprofit, education, call center and more.