The fact is simple – time is money – and the cost of loss tends to fly under the radar when inefficiencies, incorrect technologies and habitual processes go unchecked. PROGGEX helps companies capture lost revenue by providing expert analysis and operational consulting that brings permanent solutions to these pains that bleed corporate revenue.

With over 12 years of global experience in Fortune 500 level Enterprise Consulting Services, PROGGEX helps companies solve the pains of lost revenue by turning deadlines into completed projects and operational bleeding into smooth-running processes.

What kind of problems could your project be facing?

Deadline Exceeding Abilities
Not Enough Budget
Not Enough Staff
Process Defeciencies
Communication Inefficiencies
Inefficient Technology Selection
Lacking Staff Skills
Miscalculated Deadlines
Resistance To Change
Customer Dissatisfaction


Education is learned… experience is earned.  With the tenure, success & proven results that we have earned internationally, PROGGEX not only sees an organization – we also see what is missing.

We design comprehensive, efficient solutions to automate operations, streamline communications and ensure all that process are optimized across staffing, technology and operations. Companies can take leaps forward by leveraging our hard-earned proven results.

  • Enterprise Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Project Management Office


PROGGEX brings the expertise needed to deliver a customized solution to match the very unique needs of every client, in any industry. We bring the solution, the expertise and the staff needed to solve immediate and long-term needs, specializing in the following industries:

  • Call Centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • General Business

Enterprise Assessment

Identify tactical and strategic initiatives for your company's success.

We understand you need support. Find out how we do just that!

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Project Management

Stop struggling with projects that can’t get off the ground.

Let’s identify the right project management method to accomplish your company’s project goals.

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Program Management

Successfully orchestrate projects focused on a single business objective

We offer the experience to manage all the multi-faceted components of your business

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Project Portfolio Management

Ensure that your daily operations stay in-step with your goals.

Analyze all your organization’s projects – know what to pursue, cut, or shelve for later.

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Project Management Office

Optimize project management from concept to completion.

PMOs ensure that your industry’s best practices are followed in all project execution.

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With tenured experience and an extensive global footprint, PROGGEX supports company process, project and operational consulting around the world. With the understanding of geographic, economic and cultural necessities, PROGGEX can help automate client operations around the world.



Whether you have a deadline-on-fire, an overwhelming project or a need to streamline operations, the next step is to request a consult with PROGGEX. After an analysis of your needs, we will present a solution for you to review and see what PROGGEX can do for you.

  • Global experience to do the job right while resolving troubled projects

  • Process automation with methodology & structure

  • Measuring success through accountability & operational monitoring

  • Automating success through process-driven communication


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.

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